Are you looking for a different kind of personal protective training experience? At Family Protective Training, we're here for you.

We're really glad you're visiting our website! We know that there are a lot of companies that offer the kinds of products and services in personal protective training that we have. But we believe that what we offer stands out. We have a lot of products and services. And we feel like we're different because we are highly qualified to do the best and we offer high quality products and services.

Did you know that Family Protective Training can customize protective training to meet your needs?

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972-670-4224 We can discuss what level of training you have. Maybe you are just starting out and do not know a long gun from a 1911 or you might have some general firearms training experience and need a tune up. We can help you determine your needs and customize a program for you.

Our next Texas CHL class will be October 25 in Garland TX. Preregister now for $80 to reserve your spot. Classroom time is 8 AM to 1 PM and Range qualification from 2-3 PM.

Valid from 10/1/14 to 10/20/14.

Firearms Training without the Elitist Attitude

At Family Protective Training, we want you to feel comfortable asking those difficult questions. We are dedicated to assisting you in gaining the comfort level you need with you firearm to protect yourself and your family without making you feel embarressed or uncomfortable for what you do not know. There are no Drill Instructors here! We focus on helping you find that balance of speed and accuracy while maintaining the utmost safety in you firearms handling both at home and in public. 

So what are you waiting for? Family Protective Training is ready to help you.

We think that our clients will tell us that although there are lots of companies to choose from that are like ours, it can be hard for anyone to find the right one. If you want to find a family friendly type of a business like ours that offers competitive prices, contact us.